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2002 Annual Picnic

Saturday morning came with some of the best possible weather for the Lodge's annual picnic. Temperatures were in the upper 70's to low 80's all day and there was a nice breeze to keep the sun from making everyone uncomfortable.

At 11 AM Michael Rust, our Junior Warden, and his assistants were busily cooking the steaks and chicken for the noon feast. In this instance it doesn't seem that too many cooks spoiled the broth as he had plenty of help and everything turned out to be excellent.
While the meat was being cooked, the membership, along with their families and friends, began to assemble with each family bringing a side dish, dessert, or salad for all to enjoy. By noon over a hundred people had arrived to partake of the feast and entertainment.

While the cooks were busy the bounce house that was procured for the children was busy. The kids seemed to love it and the age groups were kept separate so that no injuries would occur due to larger children falling on youger ones.

At 12 noon the bell on the Nile's fire truck was rung and everyone lined up for the feast. Salads from potato to bean were there to be eaten as well as baked beans, hot dishes, deviled eggs, a wide variety of desserts, and (of course) chicken and steak. A feast fit for royalty. It took at least a half an hour for everyone to get their plates filled and many looked a bit starved when their turns came. Then all settled down with great food and excellent company and all that was heard was quiet conversation and the sounds of contentment.

There was room for well over a thousand to sit at the picnic tables. This made it look as though there were not as many present as were. Also, it made it so the membership spread out considerably. There were four main sets of tables and one small set away from the others near the parking lot. Groups set up at all of them. The Tyler, WB Paul Wickward, of course took the outer door and that was the table set closest to the parking lot. He was kidded a bit for this and took it in good fun.

Nile's security team didn't have much to do and didn't even know that it was St. John's Lodge when they were told to report for security duty at a picnic. They were surprised that it was a Masonic Lodge affair and pleased to be there so they joined us for our picnic and were most welcome. The event, from beginning to end, was carried in peace and harmony with a lot of good times, conversation, and everything that goes into being with good friends and eating good food.

Maury Clark, St. John's financial guru brought two of the "Lost Boys of Sudan" who were glad to be with us for the picnic. We are always glad to see them and we try to keep up on how they are doing in their lives and studies. The young man who was at the May Stated Communication wants to be an aeronautical engineer and is studying hard to get the grades to be accepted into a quality engineering school. Maury got the boys bicycles before coming to the picnic and they were all going to wax them when they got home.

As the members and guests dined the Allen Jenkins Quintet played jazz music for all to enjoy. They are an excellent group and WM Skip Albertson looked long and hard to find such a group. Everyone appreciated the music and the quintet said that they really enjoyed playing for the Lodge.

The quintet was suggested by VW Bro. Coe Tug Morgan (Daylight Lodge) and it can be reached through KPLU radio.

When all had finished their picnic meals the International Pirates began organizing games for the children and the Nile Clown tied balloons into animal shapes, hats, and just about every shape you can imagine for all the kids who wanted balloons.

The kids had races and had an egg passing contest with raw eggs and their fathers. It was fun watching the dads and kids alike dodge eggs when there was an errant throw.

The bingo game was begun and many of the adults as well as some of the older kids played. Each participating family had donated a prize so there were plenty to go around. The end of the table was piled high when the games began. The International Pirates did the calling and everyone enjoyed the games.

Between games Ken Wehl, our resident magician, put on a very entertaining show. He did box magic, made a ketchup bottle vanish, put everyone in hysterics with a bit with thumbcuffs which he put on and removed at will and did so seemingly in an instant. He was aided by a boy who was supposed to be timing his escape and was not aware that he had escaped and re thumbcuffed himself ten times in the first minute of the act. He is a great addition to the membership of the Lodge.

The coin hunt in the haystack was held and children all found some coins to keep and while this was going on the weary cooking team was busily tidying up the cookshed and putting everything away. They knew that this years picnic was a success and were looking forward to relaxing along with everyone else. They did a magnificent job and all the members are grateful for their dedication to the event.

W bro. Skip Albertson, Master of St. John's Lodge, seemed to be busy all the time also. His job never ends as even as one event is going on he is planning the next meeting and event. He was seen all over arranging things for the September and October Stated Communications as well as the Anniversary dinner. He took time to thank all who helped plan and put on the picnic and did many other things as well as watch his son so his lovely bride, Beth, could enjoy herself without having to watch the baby all the time.

The picnic broke up late in the afternoon and all returned to their daily lives feeling enriched by the experience and tired from the activity of the annual picnic. Next year will bring a new picnic and we will all look forward to attending. It is one of the best events of the Lodge for the entire family to just get together with the other members families.


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