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November Stated Communication
Written by aid of Secretary Jim Russell's official Minutes - Photos by  WB Darrel Womack

At 6:15 on November 18th the Brothers and guests of St. John's Lodge No. 9 met for the monthly Stated Communication.  This month we had our first meal served by one of our youth groups.  We will have all of our Stated Communication meals for the immediate future served this way.  It is one way we can support our youth groups and give them something to do to earn the money.




Following dinner and prior to opening of Lodge, Ms. Patricia Leach, program manager for the Greenwood Food Bank, thanked the brethren for our generous gift.  She said that this money will enable the Food Bank to serve 6,000 meals to citizens in our community.  She said that 1,067 new shoppers are visiting the Food Bank this year.



Dr. Irl Hirsch, medical director of the University of Washington Diabetes Care Center, thanked the Lodge for its continued support for the Center over the years.  He asked who present has diabetes, or has a loved one with diabetes or has a friend with diabetes.  Nearly everyone acknowledged that they did.  He reported that new research is bringing us closer to understanding how to fight this universal disease, which has been growing at an increasing rate.


The Master presented Dr. Hirsch a check to help support the UW diabetes research and care efforts for our friends and neighbors.




The American flag was presented by the Marshal and deposited in a place of honor in the East.  The Master called upon the Marshal to lead the brethren in the pledge to the flag.




Following the Tyler’s standing invitation to tile the outer door and join his brethren at the inner door, the Master called upon the Senior Deacon to introduce our visitors with the exception of Masters, Wardens, and Grand Lodge officers and committeemen.  In attendance and receiving a warm St. John’s welcome were three visiting brothers, Bro. Carl Tokarek (Lakeside Lodge No. 42, Sandpoint, ID), WBro. Jim Lumsden (Greenwood Lodge No. 253), and Bro. Alex LaBarba (Greenwood Lodge No. 253).  Also present was Musician Bro. Adam Creighton (Greenwood Lodge No. 253).

There were no visiting Masters or Wardens present.


In the interest of time, the Master requested the Grand Lodge officers and committeemen to stand and introduce themselves.  In attendance were WBro. Charles Tupper (technology), WBro. Hans Wehl (public schools outreach), WBro. Darrel Womack (photography chair), VWBro. Charles Brockway and WBro. Maurice Nelson (membership development), VWBro. Jim Maher (finance, long range planning, MRC Trustees), WBro. Larry Blake (credentials), WBro. Vinny DiGulio, CHIP Committee, WBro. Terry Grove (CHIP chair, charity), VWBro. Mike Davis (Chmn. CHIP Foundation), VWBro. Steve Pennington (public relations chair, Special Deputy), VWBro. Marvin Pearson (Deputy of the Grand Master District No. 4), VWBro. Jim Russell (Junior Grand Steward), VWBro. Coe Tug Morgan (Historian, Asst. Grand Secretary Emeritus), MWBro. Richard Mecartea (Past Grand Master), MWBro. Satoru Tashiro (jurisprudence, CHIP Foundation), MWBro. Al Jorgensen (jurisprudence), all of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington.  They were accorded the public Grand Honors.





Master George Rine placed three long-stemmed white carnations upon the altar in memory of our deceased Past Masters of St. John's Lodge No. 9. 

The Master requested the affiliated Past Masters of St. John’s to stand and be recognized.  Nine brothers[i] were introduced and the Master extended his appreciation for their support of our lodge and their home lodges.


As a special tribute to the Past Masters of St. John’s, the Master directed the Senior Deacon to arrange the Past Masters in a semi-circle west of the Altar.  Fourteen[ii] of 55 living Past Masters, representing St. John’s No. 9, Ionic No. 90, Elliot Bay No. 257, and T. H. Roosevelt No. 229 were in attendance.


Each Past Master was greeted and presented a red carnation by the Master, assisted by Grand Master MWBro. Gale Kenney.  Affiliated Past Masters received blue carnations.  Each was greeted with an expression of sincere affection and appreciation for his past and current support of the Lodge. 




The Master then instructed the Senior Deacon to seek out the Grand Master.  MWBro. Gale Kenney, Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington was escorted to the Altar where he was received by the Master and escorted to the East.  He was accorded the public Grand Honors, offered the gavel which he declined, and invited to remain in the East.




The minutes of the previous communication were available in full as posted at the Tyler’s door.  The minutes reflected the following:

The Lodge was opened on the first degree by the Junior Warden at 7:38pm, thirty members and nine visitors in attendance.  MWBro. Al Jorgensen was invited to preside.  A letter of resignation from the Senior Warden, Treasurer, a Trustee, and three appointive officers effective September 29, 2009 was read.  James Maher has been appointed to fill the duties of Treasurer. The minutes were approved as posted; the Treasurer reported that our accounts are in order. Expenses were approved.  Communications were read; the proposed 2010 budget was distributed.  Petitions were read for Mr. Robert Emin for the degrees and Bro. Carl Tokarek for plural affiliation.  Memorial scrolls were read for Bros. Stanley E. Maginn, Donald E. Johnson, and Isaac V. Solam. The Secretary agreed to keep members’ birthdates from public scrutiny.   Action was taken to contribute to The Christmas People Foundation and to waive this year’s dues for Bros. David Israel and Fred Stading, Jr.  Announcements were made.  The Lodge was closed in ample form by the Most Worshipful Grand Master at 9:20pm, peace and harmony prevailing.




The Treasurer reported that the Lodge was financially solvent.




The bills, having been reviewed by three members of the finance committee (VWBro. Charles Brockway, VWBro. David Campbell, WBro. Bill Collison), were submitted to the Lodge for approval.  After the chairman, VWBro. Brockway, attested to the accuracy of each bill or invoice, he stated the expenditures were in order and moved for the payment of the bills.  On vote of the brethren, the bills were approved for payment.




Trestleboards and letters of communication were distributed.  Concerning each, the Secretary reported the following:


The Job’s Daughters of Bethel 28 (Ballard) are holding a holiday wreath sale fund-raiser, and will be taking orders through Tuesday, November 24.  Arrangements may be made for home delivery.


The Northwest Boys Choir will be holding Christmas concerts  throughout the Greater Seattle area in December.  Seattle Youth Symphony new season series tickets are now being offered.


Volunteers of America, operating the Greenwood Food Bank, solicit our support.  Mercy Corps urges us to purchase “Mercy Kits” to help the unfortunate, and also to remember that they are there to help whenever a solution to an emergency around the globe is needed.


We have received notes and cards expressing appreciation for our support of the Accelerated Reader programs at John Rogers and Sacajawea elementary schools.  From John Rogers, a great many students sent “heart-felt” messages of appreciation, as did teachers and staff.  The principal Barry Dorsey and teacher Lauren Bernard at Sacajawea send a letter expressing their appreciation for our generosity and thoughtfulness.


WBro. Fred Hutchinson, representing The Christmas People Foundation, writes, “Thank you so much for your generous gift.  This year 600 homeless will receive a meal as well as a new sweatshirt.”


Newsletters and Trestleboards have been received from the Phinney Neighborhood Association, The HOPE Heart Institute, Eureka Lodge No. 20, and University Lodge No. 141.  Please take home one of the extra copies of the HOPE Heart newsletter for healthy reading.




WBro. Bill Collison reported that the Trustees met earlier today with representatives from Oppenheimer & Co. to review our financial holdings.  We are recovering well from last year.  We also met with three representatives of Garfield Lodge No. 41, which is in need of a new roof.  We may be recommending offering some assistance next year.


 VWBro. Chuck Brockway will be leading a team of brothers again this year to offer Christmas cheer to families of military personnel who are stationed at Fort Lewis.  We call this effort Operation Kid Smile.  The chosen families include fifteen children.  Everyone will gather at VWBro. Brockway’s home at 8:30am on Saturday, December 19.  Teams will be sent out to shop for food and gifts, before delivering to the families at Fort Lewis.  The work concludes when the last child is left hugging a gift from Santa and from the brothers of St. John's.  There'll be a glass of cheer or two raised back at the Brockways, along with food and tales to tell of the bright and smiling faces we found on Fort Lewis!  Joining VWBro. Brockway (and Sherla) will be brothers Mark Campbell, Ken Wehl, Al (and Nancy) Jorgensen, George Rine, David Flood, Hans (and Sharon) Wehl, Bill (and Aundie) Collison, and Terry Grove.  WBro. Skip Albertson, Bro. Joe (and Debbie) Oates, and Bro. Alex LaBarba from Greenwood Lodge No. 253 have also volunteered.  


The Secretary reported that two brothers are still delinquent on their 2009 dues.  WBro. Charles Tupper volunteered to visit the brothers and to try to collect their dues.


Bro George Rine reported that he has nearly a complete team for the Master Mason degree scheduled for Tuesday, December 1.  Brothers Ben Giddens and Simon Letarte are proficient and are prepared to be raised.  WBros. Hans Wehl, Paul Winter, Helmuth Svoboda, and VWBro. Charles Brockway volunteered to assist.




A petition for the degrees was received from Mr. John Murray Louderback.   He lives in Renton.  He is a fireman working for the City of Seattle.  WBro. Jerry Schor, MWBro. Al Jorgensen, and VWBro. Jim Russell signed his petition as sponsors.  VWBro. Brockway, WBro. Tupper, and Bro. George Rine volunteered to serve on the investigating committee.  WBro. Doug Mackenzie objected to publicly announcing who serves on an investigating committee, stating that should a committee member report negatively, it gives a strong indication who might be casting a negative ballot.  


The Master stated that he may or may not appoint some or all those brothers who volunteered.  A committee will be appointed to visit Mr. Louderback and to report back to the Lodge by the next Stated Communication.




An unfavorable ballot was spread on Mr. Robert Lloyd Emin for the degrees.  A favorable ballot was spread on Bro. Carl Paul George Tokarek for plural affiliation.  Both petitioners had received unanimous favorable recommendations by their investigating committees.




Ballots were distributed for the election of officers for 2010 and one Trustee whose term will expire in 2013.  Twenty-nine members were present and voting.  VWBros. Coe Tug Morgan and Steve Pennington, and WBro. Maurice Nelson served as the tally committee.  The result of the ballot was:



Alvin Jorgensen



George Rine



Joseph Oates, Jr.



James R. Maher



James F. Russell



Satoru Tashiro

Trustee 2013


Each graciously accepted the honor and responsibility entrusted to them.  Although Bro. Oates was away on business, he had previously indicated his availability and willingness to serve.




Memorial scrolls were read for Bro. Robert Norman Ozanne and VWBro. Larry Rex Loughnan, followed by remembrances from eight brothers of the Lodge and a memorial service by  VWBro. David Campbell.  Bro. Adam Creighton offered an appropriate musical dirge.




WBro. Bill Collison and Bro. George Rine, were honored with a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to celebrate achieving one more year in their journey through life.




2010 Operating and Charity Budget


The proposed 2010 budget had been distributed for initial review at the October stated communication and was again distributed this evening for discussion and action.  Following a reminder that expenses for the 150th anniversary celebration have yet to be determined or addressed, the budget was approved unanimously without dissent. 


New Caterer Approved


In September, October and November, brethren have experienced two caterers who have offered their services following the retirement of Steve Hofer.  Third and fourth caterers, who also were to be “tried and tested,” failed to respond or voluntarily dropped out of the running.  It was overwhelmingly agreed that table service was preferred over buffet style.  It was m/s/p to invite Catering by Edwin (Edwin Barber) to act as our regular caterer at stated meeting dinners.    




Thanksgiving Family Charity


WBro. Charles Tupper reported that he has found two families who can use our assistance through the holidays.  It was m/s/p to issue funds for Thanksgiving charity.  The check will be issued to WBro. Tupper, who will be assisted by WBros. Hans Wehl and Darrel Womack  (and Judy) and Bros. George Rine, Ken Wehl, and Eric Koteles.


2009 Installation of Officers


MWBro. Al Jorgensen m/s/p that the 2009 installation of officers be open to the general public.  The installation is scheduled to start at 10am, Saturday, December 12, followed by a light brunch.  Officers are to assemble at 9am for a photo session.  Arrangements will be made for a practice date.  MWBro. Jorgensen also encouraged all brothers who are interested in filling officer chairs or committee assignments to please contact him.


Lodge of Sorrow


The Washington Masonic Code, Sec. 23.02 B.L. allows a Master, on vote of a Lodge, to open a Lodge of Sorrow, which will remain open only during his term of office, for the purpose of conducting Masonic funeral rites.  It was m/s/p that a Lodge of Sorrow, for the purpose of conducting Masonic funeral services under such restrictions as provided by the Washington Masonic Code of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington, be opened Saturday, December 12, 2009.


Financial Review


The Board of Trustees has recommended that a review of our finances through September 30, 2009 by an outside CPA be done to properly answer any questions that may be raised following a change of Lodge Treasurer.  VWBro. James Maher m/s/p that a professional review of St. John's financial records be authorized.  This is not intended to be a full financial audit.


Payment for Dessert Expenses


Six pies were purchased by VWBro. David Campbell for dessert and fellowship following our stated communication.  It was m/s/p to re-imburse VWBro. David Campbell  for dessert expenses.




The brethren were reminded of the following dates of interest:

·                              November 25 (7pm):  District 5 LOMA meeting

·                              December 1 (6:30pm):  MM degree

·                              December 12 (10am):  Installation of Officers (Saturday morning, photos at 9am)

·                              December 16 (6:15pm) 7:30pm:  St. John’s 9 (dinner) Stated

·                              December 19 (meet 8:30am):  Operation Kid Smile at Fort Lewis (meet at Brockway’s)


WBro. Hans Wehl announced that the company store will be “open for business” in the library following the close of the meeting.




The brethren acknowledged Bro. George Rine for his leadership in the East this evening.


VWBro. Mike Davis invited the brethren to attend the stated communication of Queen Anne Lodge No. 242 on Thursday, where a memorial service will be held to honor our late brother VWBro. Richard P. Kramer, Deputy of the Grand Master for District No. 5, 1986-88.


VWBro. Marv Pearson, Deputy of the Grand Master for District No. 4, invited all to attend the coming installations of lodges in that District.  VWBro. Coe Morgan invited the brethren to attend Daylight Lodge No. 232 stated communication this Saturday, which will feature the entertainment talents of several Daylight brothers.  This will be the last stated communication of Daylight Lodge for the year.




As is our tradition, Past Masters were invited to close Lodge taking the following stations and places:



Paul Winter




Terry Grove



Mark Campbell




Hans Wehl



James Shields




Richard Mecartea



James Maher




Bill Collison



Jim Russell




Adam Creighton



David Campbell




Coe Tug Morgan



Charles Brockway







The minutes of this communication were read and approved in short form.  There being no further business to come before this Lodge of Entered Apprentice Masons, the flag was retired and the Lodge closed in due and ancient form by the team of Past Masters at 10:23pm, peace and harmony prevailing.


[ii] Chuck Brockway, David Campbell, Mark Campbell, Bill Collison, Terry Grove, Rich Hawley, Doug MacKenzie, Richard Mecartea, Jim Russell, Jim Shields, Charles Tupper, Hans Wehl, Paul Winter, Bruno Zittlau


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